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Article: How Article enhances user experiences and IT security with JumpCloud and Google Workspace


Article uses Google Workspace and JumpCloud to protect its brand and improve user experiences through secure, high-quality digital interactions.


Article is a modern ecommerce furniture brand that sells a range of mid-century, Scandinavian, Industrial and Coastal modern designs built to last. Since launching in 2013, the company has delivered over 1.5 million orders to customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Features used
Google Meet
Google Chat
Google Keep
Apps Script

Article uses Google Workspace and JumpCloud to protect its brand and improve user experiences through secure, high-quality digital interactions.

Google Workspace Results

Enhances productivity and collaboration through single sign-on

  • Creates a single pane of glass for identity and access management

  • Simplifies user access and IT security management through a centralized and unified system

  • Reduces shadow IT by encouraging users to suggest new apps for onboarding into JumpCloud

Article, an ecommerce furniture brand  has built a name for itself across North America while operating entirely online through its commitment to ensuring delightful customer experiences.

“There are a lot of companies selling furniture,” says Salar Sahraeian, Senior Manager, Information Technology, at Article. “What separates Article is that we offer an exceptional shopping experience from the moment customers visit our website to the delivery of furniture to their home and follow-on services if needed.”

To deliver these services to customers, Article needs to ensure it provides the leading collaboration, productivity, and security tools to more than 850 employees.

Accelerating modern workforce productivity

“It was challenging for staff to manage logging in to different systems. Now, with JumpCloud being the identity provider for Article’s Google Workspace and other apps, employees access the full range of apps and systems they need to work from one place.” - David Capling, Systems Administrator, Article

Since launching in 2013, Article has used Google Workspace for its flexible and integrated productivity apps. The company’s teams use Sheets to support everyday business activities, including Google Apps Script to pull data from a range of apps, process it, and feed it into other apps for operations management.

Google Forms is used widely for surveys across the business. Article relies on integrations across Google Workspace, allowing users to collaborate on any task, from any location, with foundational security built into the applications.

Premier Cloud, a Google Cloud partner, has helped Article optimize costs and guide it through new ways of working with Google Workspace apps.

Furnishing stronger security across the business


“I highly recommend Google Workspace and JumpCloud for anyone working in a mixed operating system environment. It’s ideal for employee collaboration and user experiences and makes security management easier for IT managers.” - David Capling, Systems Administrator, Article

A few years ago, Article relied on disparate point solutions to manage identity and access management (IAM) across its complex and large portfolio of third-party and in-house developed applications. This not only challenged security management, but also decreased employee productivity by constantly re-authenticating across different systems.

“We needed a unified solution to manage our devices, identities, and applications across all departments, regions, and remote teams,” says Sahraeian. “Every tool we looked at had a gap until we found JumpCloud. We spent a month testing, actively trying to break JumpCloud, but it was airtight. We knew we had found the right tool.”

The JumpCloud implementation went off without a hitch for Article, despite taking place at the height of pandemic lockdowns. Before long, the company was implementing JumpCloud onto every corporate computer or device, while extending their existing Google Workspace  employee profiles to enable SSO access to applications, networks, and other resources.  Additionally, JumpCloud helped automate their user lifecycle management, allowing the IT team to centrally manage employee onboarding, offboarding, and updates all from a single pane of glass.

“In my 20-year career, I’d say this was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve seen,” says Sahraeian.

JumpCloud helps Article strengthen their security by reducing IT complexity and increasing visibility and control. They can now do this through a single, integrated device, identity, and access management platform that works seamlessly with Google Workspace to provide secure, frictionless access for their staff. Article employees benefit from a unified SSO experience that helps them get into tools securely without roadblocks, while the IT team can add new apps to its portfolio with ease knowing that access and endpoint security are well-managed.

Since adopting JumpCloud and Google Workspace, Article has constructed a seamless and secure foundation for collaboration across its teams. 

“It was challenging for staff to manage logging into multiple systems,” says David Capling, Systems Administrator at Article. “Now, with JumpCloud being the unified device, identity, and access provider for Article, employees can access Google Workspace and the full range of apps and systems they need to work from one place.”

A winning combo

“Google Workspace and JumpCloud have helped Article be more secure and protect our brand.” - Salar Sahraeian, Senior Manager, Information Technology, Article

Thanks to JumpCloud and Google Workspace, employee experiences are consistent and reliable regardless of which device they choose to do their work. JumpCloud also minimizes unauthorized use of apps and devices for work-related tasks. 

“Eliminating shadow IT has been a big, unexpected benefit of JumpCloud,” says Sahraeian. “Our users’ experiences with JumpCloud have been so positive that they are coming to us with requests to add and integrate new apps for SSO. As a business, we are continuously adding apps to our JumpCloud catalog. It’s allowing our teams to work freely and comfortably without risk to the business.”

All of these successes have worked toward the benefit of employees who can now have efficient and secure access to the apps and tools they require to complete daily tasks.

“Google Workspace and JumpCloud have helped Article be more secure and protect our brand,” says Sahraeian. “Our work with JumpCloud and Google Workspace has made our teams more collaborative, productive, and secure—while enabling a single source of truth across IT. We look forward to growing this relationship for many more years.”

To learn more about how Google Workspace partners can make your IT more secure while improving employee and user experiences, get in contact with a sales rep today.

*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.

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