Alert Center

Alerts, actions, and notifications across Google Workspace

  • Get real-time actionable alerts and security insights about activity in your domain. Protect your organization from the latest security threats.

Unified view of essential notifications

See a comprehensive view of essential security-related notifications, alerts, and actions across all of Google Workspace.

Unified view of essential notifications

Security threats and critical system alerts

Get alerts on some of the most critical security concerns including account warnings, phishing and malware, and device management.

Security threats and critical system alerts

Integrated remediation with the investigation tool

Use the security center on Google Workspace Enterprise Plus for integrated remediation of any issues surfaced by alerts.

Integrated remediation with the investigation tool

Actionable alerts



Keep potential phishing events on your radar.


Account warning

Find out when accounts are suspended due to suspicious activity.


Device management

Get alerts on suspicious device activity, including jailbroken and rooted devices.



Detect messages for malware post-delivery and keep your users safe.


Google operations

Get details about security and privacy issues that affect Google Workspace services in your organization.


Data export

Know when a domain data export has been initiated.

Top questions about alert center

Will I get alert center with G Suite Basic?

Alert center is included in all Google Workspace editions at no additional cost. Most of the features are available for all editions.

How’s the alert center different from the other tools that are out there?

Google Workspace is all about giving IT admins easier ways to manage access, control devices, ensure compliance, and keep data secure. Alert center builds on this principle by providing a simple, engaging user interface and a comprehensive view of actionable alerts across Google Workspace.

What actions can you take from the alert center?

On the alert detail page, you can opt to see more about the alert detail, read help articles on related admin configurations, or go to the investigation tool if you have the Enterprise edition. Learn more.

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