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Earn by promoting Gmail, Google Meet, Drive and more.

How it works



Join at no charge via CJ Affiliate. You’ll be notified when your application is reviewed.



Promote your link with the support of exclusive offers and a library of banners and other materials that we provide.



Earn for new users that you refer. Track your success on a live dashboard and optimise your earnings with 1:1 support.

doneGet performance-based payouts beyond the programme’s baseline rates – the more you refer, the more you can earn and with no annual earnings cap.
Find the list of current commissions rates by country.

donePayouts are per new user. For example, if you refer one new Business Plus account in the United States with ten users, you get paid for all ten users: USD $270. Earn for up to 300 users per account that you refer. Commissions vary by country and edition.

doneUnlock opportunities to promote a variety of exclusive offers that give referred users savings on their subscriptions.

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Affiliate FAQ

Why should I join the Google Workspace Affiliate Programme instead of the Google Workspace Referral Programme?

The Affiliate Programme is designed for high volume referrers (those who refer at least 100 users per year qualify). The Referral Programme is best for lower volume referring, and rewards are capped at 200 users per year.
Those who fit the qualifications of the Affiliate Programme will receive additional benefits beyond what the Referral Programme offers, like higher baseline commission rates for each new user referred, 1:1 account support, promotional resources and more.

Not sure which programme to join? See this comparison table or fill in our programme selector to help.

In which countries/regions is the Affiliate Programme available?

The Affiliate Programme is available to members based in these countries.

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate is the trusted third-party affiliate network that provides resources, support and payments to our affiliates. You’ll sign up for the Affiliate Programme on the CJ Affiliate website and be in touch with our dedicated Google Workspace team at CJ if you have any specific questions about the programme.

How much will I earn for each referral eligible for payout?

You’ll receive a cash payout for every new eligible user that you refer to Google Workspace. Google Workspace has three editions that are available for customers to sign up online: Starter, Standard and Plus. You will be rewarded based on the editions that you refer. For example, if you refer one account that signs up for ten Google Workspace Standard users, you are rewarded for all ten users at the commission rate for the Standard edition. Commission rates vary by the referred account's country and edition.

Who can become a Google Workspace Affiliate?

Once you apply, you will be notified if you are accepted to the programme or if additional information is needed. Here’s what we look for when evaluating applicants:

Performance potential: Consistent traffic and an audience intending to engage with products or services that help businesses.

Quality: Content that is engaging, tasteful, authentic, fresh and non-polarising.

Relevance: Themes that are related to Google Workspace and its users.

Aesthetics: A visually pleasing design aligned to Google’s brand values.

For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.